The rising star of the public chain AMA successfully concluded that was hosted by golden finance where Chain Change School, Sato Ventures, Chairfir Capital, CEO of Qitchain Shoaib, Korean node service provider, Chinese community service provider, Seach Labs and Metaverse Developer Community were guests.

How to understand Web3.0

According to…

Qitchain, a distributed search engine successfully organized an event “Meta Universe 2022 — Half Water, Half Fire” On 19th December.
At the meeting, Qitchain’s core team members focused on QTC’s technology breakthrough direction in 2022 and future ecological construction. Shared how to provide infrastructure services for future in crypto world, and sent sincere wishes to the members of global community for the upcoming Christmas and new year.
In addition, metaverse, NFT, DAO, SocialFi, GameFi, and many other popular technologies will open the door in 2022, the new era of blockchain ecology will help the development of real economy. All walks of life will use blockchain technology to build network with trust.

Non-Fungible Tokens are cryptographic assets on a blockchain that include distinct identification codes and metadata that discriminate them from one another. NFTs are tokenized digital files that are exchanged on public blockchains. Like cryptocurrencies, they are generated on a blockchain and are used to authenticate who possesses what. Each NFT…

Qitchain Network

The Qitcoin-QTC (Qitchain Search Engine) is a distributed search engine based on IPFS to help users quickly search on the blockchain distributed network.

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